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AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental adds electric vehicles to its fleet

Dec 06 2017

In a first of its kind in the region, AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental is set to add electric vehicles to its fleet, in a bid to drive mobility for sustainability concept. The company will pioneer the leasing and renting of electric cars with Renault Zoe that offers a 300 km run on a single charge.

Commenting on the move, Ashish Nanda, Sr. General Manager, Shift Car Rental said, “The Shift Green initiative is a testimony to our core values and philosophy. We believe that it should be the duty of all responsible organisations and individuals to play their part in fighting climate change. As the first in the region, we hope this initiative involving the Renault Zoe electric cars will be welcomed by all key stakeholders including Government and semi-Government entities.”

AW Rostamani Car Rental hopes to play a key role in helping the UAE achieve its vision in becoming a Green Economy for Sustainable Development by 2021. “Following a number of key strategies set in motion by the government, AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental aims to be at the forefront of change and hopes to disrupt the industry in order to gradually reduce the relentless hurting of the very world we call home", added Ashish Nanda

To ensure adaptability, AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental is putting together incentivised offers on the Leasing/Renting of its Renault Zoe electric cars.